RASOR Sportline

Greencutter MONSTER2

Battery Driven Double Blade cutter for synthetic turf to be installed in sport facilities


New Rasor Monster2 battery driven motor 400 W
Li-Ion® 18 V, 6.0 Ah battery
Anti-overload metal friction
Height-adjustable handle
New easy cutting units height regulation
Tubeless front tyres


Demountable painted aluminium body
120° bendable stainless steel handle with anti-slip rubber, height-adjustable
One cutter lifting system for the single cutting
Useful bag containing tools with zip in the handle


Twin Rasor Battery operated motors, 400 W each
Li-Ion® technology, 18 V – 6.0 Ah with charge status indicator LED
Motor speed regulator in six different r.p.m.
Starting system by law with open push button
Electronic fuse for overload protection, auto self-adjusting
Waterproof PB Box


Twin Rasor® GM2L/GM2R specular symmetry cutting units
Cutting width adjustable from 5 to 20 cm with readable marking on the frame
Teflon® coated anti-adhesive cutting steel base
Line aiming system in steel
Turf opening system adjustable in height
Equipped with blade sharpener actuated by pressing a push button

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Greencutter MONSTER2 video
Blade diameter:

120 mm (2.75”), with hard metal counterblade

Blade equipped:

GC 12SHSS, 8-edges, HSS steel

Blade speed:

600-1000 r.p.m. adjustable

Turf cutting ability:

up to 50 mm (2”) of the backing

Max turf height:

all turf sizes on the market


18 V, 400 W


18 V Li-Ion®, 6.0 Ah rechargeable with led indicator

Net weight:

30 Kg (including batteries)

Total weight (with packing box):

55 Kg

Minimum brightness for working operations:

LUX 200

Vibrations at start up:

< 2.5 m/sec 2

Temperature range:

0 – 55 C

Umidity range:

10 – 95% without condensate

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