RASOR Sportline

Greencutter ONE

Battery Driven single Blade Cutter for sports and lanscape synthetic turf


New Rasor battery driven motor 400 W
Li-Ion® 18 V, 6.0 Ah battery
Removable handle with remote switch control
Tubeless tyres


Demountable INOX body
Tubeless tyres
INOX handle with remote starting switch
Useful bag contains machine and tools (no handle)


Rasor Battery operated motor 400 W
Li-Ion® technology, 18 V – 6.0 Ah with charge status indicator LED
Motor speed regulator in six different r.p.m.
Starting system by law with open push button
Electronic fuse for overload protection, auto self-adjusting
Fast electric-connector machine/handle


Line aiming system in steel
Turf opening system adjustable in height
Equipped with blade sharpener actuated by pressing a push button


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Greencutter ONE video
Blade diameter:

70 mm (2.75”), with hard metal counterblade

Blade equipped:

GC 70SHSS, 4-edges, HSS steel

Blade speed:

600-1000 r.p.m. adjustable

Turf cutting ability:

up to 20 mm (0.8”) of the backing

Max turf height:

all turf sizes on the market


18 V, 400 W


18 V Li-Ion®, 6.0 Ah rechargeable with led indicator

Net weight:

8,5 Kg (including battery)

Total weight (with packing box and handle):

15 Kg

Minimum brightness for working operations:

LUX 200

Vibrations at start up:

< 2.5 m/sec 2

Temperature range:

0 – 55 C

Umidity range:

10 – 95% without condensate

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